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Our body is a finely tuned biological miracle which needs maintenance to continue performing at it’s designed best.

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Chiropractic Care


No communication = no function

Gravity is the harshest, most unrelenting force acting upon us every second we’re alive. It can be our friend directing forces in the right direction – strengthening and empowering us if spines are correctly aligned. Or it can be our enemy – slowly, yet painlessly, strangling away vital information essential to our bodies until health fails.

Chiropractic insures that gravity remains our ‘friend’ balancing bones and joints so that maximum information flows between the brain and the body constantly enabling all systems to work the way they were designed.

Acupuncture / Massage / Energy


No spark = no ignition

Your body must have a certain amount of basic energy flowing through it before it can even begin to take care of you. If tissues and organs are not awake and ready, they cannot respond or function when the brain makes its vital demands.

Acupuncture / Massage / Energy Balancing stimulates fundamental nerve connections elevating the basic energy of your body to the starting line so that organs can commence with the overall function of keeping you going.

The Cyclelogical Package


Cyclelogical Chiropractic Consultation Cyclelogical Bike Fit
Chiropractic extras coverage applies through HICAPS

Arrive with your bike, cycling shoes, cycling shorts and helmet. Your full Cyclelogical Consultation takes approx 45 mins – 1 hr

Our team is comprised of the most qualifed Chiropractic and Bike Fit Coaches in SA. We work together with your concerns to
help you ride pain free and easy! Only in Adelaide!

Our Team

At ChiroPractical, we have a unique team of musculoskeletal specialists who don’t just treat your symptoms, but endeavour to address the underlying cause of your concerns.  We don’t want to JUST return you to baseline – our GOAL is to optimise your ENTIRE wellbeing.  At ChiroPractical, you’re in good hands!

Office hours from: 4pm Monday (with clinic times specific for practitioners)

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Dr S Lund Sox DC

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